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Men Answer: How Do They Act When They're Interested In A Woman?

Men Answer: How Do They Act When They're Interested In A Woman?

by Anna Kardell
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How many times have you been left confused by men’s behavior? Let’s face it, ladies, a man’s mind is tough to crack sometimes, as I’m sure men have a hard time understanding women from time to time. If we want to get along with our men, we need to understand their way of thinking, as it can be quite different from the female perspective.

I personally know many women who still struggle to understand men and I can guarantee you that every woman out there has asked herself at least once in her lifetime: is this guy really interested in me or is he just playing the field?

Women’s way of thinking is different than men’s, that for sure, and this causes a lot of heartache and misunderstandings. We may want the same things, but we express our needs and wants differently and sometimes simply don’t get each other. To clear things up, I’ve asked men a few questions which I will share with you below. Maybe this will help women understand that men think differently most of the time.

Actually, as you will discover, there is no general answer; each man has his own perspective and way of showing interest towards a woman or reasons for pulling out even when he seems interested.

The survey I conducted consisted of four simple questions regarding how men behave when they are interested in a woman. Dying to find out what the men had to say? Check out their answers below.

1st question: Why do men give signals that they like a woman and then suddenly lose interest?

The answers men provided:

- they’re afraid of commitment;

- they find out that the woman is already in a relationship;

- the woman doesn’t respond to their signals in a positive way;

- they’re just playing;

- they show interest out of boredom;

- the woman misinterprets the signals;

- they’re shy;

- they lack real interest in the woman;

- they just want sex;

- they find someone better in the meantime;

- the woman turns them off by not being smart enough;

- the woman is too “hard to get” – men need to know there’s over 50% chance of getting the girl;

- the woman messed up, failed some tests;

- they want to make the woman curious using this behavior, as women will do anything to satisfy their curiosity;

- the same reason why women lose interest in men.

2nd question: What makes a man respect a woman?

- she respects herself and respects the man;

- honesty, straightforwardness;

- patience and tact on her part;

- the fact that she has principles and she is loyal;

- her grace and femininity;

- her intelligence and way of thinking;

- her independence, sagaciousness;

- her way of dressing;

- her reliability and seriousness;

- the fact that she resists him longer, she doesn’t call him, she has her own activities.

3rd question: How do men act when they are really interested in a woman?

- they smile, they try to be friendly and to get to know her;

- they stutter and avoid eye contact;

- they start a silly conversation;

- they talk to the woman as often as possible, they tease her and touch her often (face, hands, waist);

- they try to get as much of her as they can (time, ideas, fun etc.);

- they act like idiots;

- they look for any excuse to interact with her;

- they’re very careful;

- they want to control her life;

- they listen to her and are nice to her;

- they pay more attention to her than before;

- they pay her a lot of compliments;

- they clearly tell her what to expect from the relationship.

4th question: What makes a man take a woman seriously?

- the way she makes him feel when he’s with her;

- she’s interested in making him feel like a king;

- she has that certain something;

- she makes it fun for him;

- she’s open and interested;

- she’s honest;

- they both have the same plans;

- she’s good in bed;

- she’s not bitchy;

- a long time of her showing control and intelligence;

- she initiates dates every once in a while;

- her words, actions and body language are on the same wave length;

- she is a real woman;

- men never take women seriously (haha).

What do you think, ladies? Did the men manage to answer your questions or are you left even more confused than ever?

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